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jekyll & hyde

Jekyll & Hyde is a restaurant concept slated to open in 2019. Located in Boise, Idaho, the concept stays true to the well-known story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jekyll is a refined, sophisticated, buttoned-up professional. This embodies the day business of J&H serving breakfast bagels, coffee and lunch to the local daytime crowd of downtown Boise. Mr. Hyde is the alter ego of Jekyll—the wild side. He’s the unpredictable, shirt untucked, adventurous, spicy and wicked half. Hyde embodies the evening and late-night business of J&H serving greasy spoon bagels and wicked good sandwiches for dinner. Once the dinner crowd has moved on, the look and feel of J&H will flip a switch to a lively night life and party crowd—complete with music, drinks and debauchery.

Scope: Brand, Identity, Packaging, Menus, Environmental Graphics, Strategy

** Made while I was a Partner at Propaganda Creative