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a few of our favorite things - 2019 holiday gift guide

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The holiday gift guide for all of your designers, best friends, family, and coworkers.

None of these brands paid us to write this blog (we wish), but Brittany and I thought it might be fun to share with you some of favorite local & not local places and brands to shop gifts. These are all items we use in our daily life (and some of these things even came from our interns!). Ch-ch-check it out!

coy jewelry — the most beautiful, hand-crafted, local company

Amber creates stunning pieces by hand in small batches. She offers up her goods not only on her Etsy shop, but also at local brick & mortars like fringe and fray and the from here shop inside of River Park Square.

indaba coffee roasters — a local favorite & damn good coffee

The perfect spot to grab a gift card or to find any and all of the coffee paraphernalia that's makes your morning run smoothly, but also they have great merchandise, too!

teddi joelle — amazing, hand-crafted leather goods

This local maker has been creating amazing leather bags and goods for as long as we can remember. Everyone covets one of these bad-gals, and it would be the perfect gift.

band.o — millie's favorite stationery company

Okay, so not local. But...the cutest. And Millie has been swearing by their planners for about 4 years now. Be prepared to buy a gift for your friend and want (NEED) to keep it for yourself.

blacksheep paper co — sassy cards and local merch

Full disclosure, we own this company. So basically it would be heresy if we didn't at least give it soft mention. Even so, we have to say, we're kinda in love with ourselves. Check it out if you have a sense of humor and love sending snail mail. You can also find some sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other things at the From Here shop.

sketchbox — online art supply subscription

Know someone who's a nerd about pens and art supplies? We do, and her name is Brittany. She's had her eye on this prize for a while now, and so it made the list! The perfect gift for that designer or artist that is picky about pens.

fern — the plant shop you've always dreamed about

All of your dreams will literally come true as soon as you step food into fern. Take Brittany's word on this. Go.

zero gravity cases — jay's favorite phone case

When our intern, Jay, showed up with her badass embroidered case, we couldn't keep looking. We loved it. So we decided you should know, too!

cotton bureau — all of the t-shirts, all in one place

Again, not local, but what's cool about this site is that an actual designer submitted their artwork to be sold! And they make money every time you buy something cool. Woo!

want it all in one place? here are some more whole entire stores in spokane that are great spots to find multiple gifts, all in once place.

atticus coffee & gifts

boo radleys

from here

saranac commons

french toast baby

the lookout