adding anchor points to squarespace landing pages

Updated: May 11

So your website is one long landing page? Adding anchor points is a great way to guide the user to exactly where they want to go without needing to endlessly scroll. Anchor points won't automatically show up on a Squarespace page like the regular navigation does, but with these few steps it's super quick and easy to install!

STEP ONE: Before you do anything else go to each section you want to have an anchor point attached and write in the url slug. Squarespace will automatically generate it as "/new-page" but we want to be super specific with these so there is no confusion. This is an important step because the url slug is what you're going to copy and paste as the navigation link for the anchor point. In order to change this, hover over each page and click on the gear icon to the right. Then under the general tab, you'll see 'url slug' as the third option down. STEP TWO: Now we are going to create the navigation that will appear in your header. Click on the plus sign in your primary navigation and scroll to the bottom. Under "other" you'll see the link option with the paper clip looking icon. Click this to add it to your page. It will first prompt you to add in a title and a link. The title is what will appear in the navigation and the link is where you will copy and past the url slug that you edited in step one. After you paste in your link go ahead and add a '#' to the front of the url. It should look something like this #about After that just click save! STEP THREE (OPTIONAL): Step three is optional because you don't need to do it unless you have other pages. While landing pages are typically just one long homepage, we usually still have an FAQ page and/or policies page that we want to hide in the footer. However, if the user navigates here, we still want them to be able to use the anchor point to get back. While the navigation will appear on these pages, each link will only take you to the top of the home page and won't drop you down to the anchor points. In order for them to land exactly where you want, you need to go into each link you created and type '/home' in front of each link. It should look like this: /home/#about Now click save and that's it! This is a great and simple way to make your landing page functional and easy to navigate!

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