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kickstart your year with social media & marketing

It’s been awhile since we dove into social media strategy and given you some of our tips & tricks. What better time than now, right before the start of the 2020 season. (Side note...holy shit, how is it 2020 already?!)

Maybe the new year looks like launching a product, or making-over your business’s look. Maybe you’re the same you, you just want to talk louder to the people following along on your journey. Whatever your goals, hopefully there will be some tangible ideas in this post that you can apply to your own social strategy. Let us know if you have any questions along the way, and happy 2020!

consider running a holiday giveaway.

Even if you’re in the services business, consider running a giveaway of some sort! Giveaways are great ways to get a new batch of followers and engage with your community. Make sure whatever you decide to “give away” aligns with your target audience’s interests. Maybe that’s a giftcard to one of your fave local spots, or maybe it’s a 100% discount on a service you provide.

Whatever it is, make sure it’s valuable. And don’t forget to ask them to follow you & tag their friends in the comments as a part of entry! This little trick gets more eyes on your post and engaged with your content.

if you are launching something new in 2020, take your followers along for the ride.

Making someone feel a part of the process and committed to your journey is the key to that very first sale. Start mentioning what you’re working on and building excitement around what’s to come. You can even ask your audience questions like “which one do you like better” as you’re moving through branding & website building.

Don’t necessarily weigh their options heavy on your heart—but rather give everyone the feeling of being included in the process.

start building your mailing list!

Mailing list? What are 2008?! No. But mailing lists are still 100% totally a thing, and they make businesses loads of money each year. Don’t get us wrong, they are commitment. But if you’re willing to put in the work, they will show up every.single.time.

Offer something for free on your website, but use the capture of someone’s email as their ticket to the goods. Make it something valuable to your audience, like a whole PDF guide that explains a part of your process or some new graphics for their daily use (think printables, backgrounds, and folded cards).

We’re not saying use your contacts right away, but get your brain wrapped around the potential of this mailing list and how you might utilize it in the new year.

reconsider your social media workflow.

Instead of posting on the fly every day of your life (how exhausting), consider trying to plan out your week strategically, before it happens. Try dedicating one hour every Monday morning to writing out your post topics for the week, sourcing & taking photos, and writing your captions and hashtags.

Doing it this way instead of daily will help you plan out your social marketing for the "big picture".