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let's talk about brand identities

So, you'd like to hire someone to design you a brand identity. And you'd also maybe like to know what makes an identity different than just, say, a logo. AND you might even want to know a little bit about the process behind it all. Well, it's your lucky day!

Millie here! And I'm going to breakdown the difference between a logo and a brand and then tell you all about how we at Maker & Made go about making magic (or at least tell you a little bit about our process).

first things first, what's a brand identity?

we already know the components of a brand, because we've talked about how we utilize them in the branding guide blog post. But what's the difference between just having a logo, and having a full brand identity?

assets. all of them.

Instead of having one single mark (logo) you place on everything, you instead have a cross-platform, multi-functional "look" that consists of different marks, colors, patterns, and illustrations. When someone sees any part of these together or apart, they should be able to say "oh, that's _____ business, i know them".

Think of Facebook, for example. You picture that blue, right? And then also the "F" alone, but you might also be picturing the full "Facebook" logo all spelled out, too. Or possibly the font they use across devices, or the rounded edges when you're scrolling. This, my friends, is their brand. It evolves, it changes, it pivots and grows with their business. It's not just one single logo that they're selling over and over. Instead its a culmination of curated assets, used across devices, that lets you know who they are.

A logo is simply a part of the larger brand. The logo is the face—the body, and the brand is the outfit it puts on every day, the personality and tone it conveys to the world.

now that we know what it is, let's talk about how we do it.

step one — we meet! yay!

We have to start somewhere, and our favorite place to do just that is a sit-down meeting over some coffee to chat about vision, goals, and your business. This is the casual meet and greet that lets us get to know each other and see if we'll all be a good fit. No pressure, just conversation about you, about us, and about how we can help you out!

Once we've outlined all of the ways we can get you where you need to go, whether that's a brand identity, a brand refresh, a new website, or those business cards you've been needing for the last year, we'll put together a custom proposal and send it off for your approval.

step two — we dive deep

After we've done all of the boring admin stuff like onboard you into our system and approve proposals and sent you a W9 (yes, it's deductible—woot woot!), the fun really begins. We'll set a time to sit down (or chat via phone) and dive deep into your business's brand past, present, and future. We'll run through our questionnaire covering all of the bases—your customers, your business, your competition, your current brand, your brand plans (oo, that's fun to say), and your personal preference.

This gives us a start to our research phase and a good base of knowledge to dive into our design process!

step three — the work

Now our team gets to work. There's lots and lots of steps within this step, but I'll break it down.

First, we dive into research, taking all of the information you've given us and honing in on your target audience, competition, and looking across your industry so we can decide how we'll make you stand out, loud and proud, so those customers can see you standing tall through the forest.

Then we start the design concepting phase. This includes mood boards and sketches and digital iterations and sample color palettes and lots of revisions. Typically we spend around 15-20 hours in this phase crafting 2 or 3 perfect brand options for your business. And that means full brands—not just the logo. When we meet up for presentation, you'll see marks, alternates, colors, patterns, and "in the wild" mockups for all options so that you get the full picture of what we've designed.

step four — revise revise revise

Cue the good part—we get to show you!! This phase is all about revisions and conversations with you. We'll talk about why we've done what we've done, why your customer will relate to it, and what the best options are. We'll gather your feedback and make changes to your chosen brand until it's absolute perfection.

step five — dance party

Okay, it's not required. But it's highly encouraged.

This is where we wrap everything up in a tight little bow and hand it off to you. We'll spend our time packaging up all of your marks and crafting your branding guidelines. You'll have everything you need to go out into the world confidently and know that just the right customer will come your way.

That doesn't have to be the end of our journey, but we always create brands that can be taken anywhere—without us. We want every one of our clients to feel confident and autonomous in their journey with their brands at this point. And when you need print design, a new website, packaging—or anything else you can dream—we'll be here waiting.

If this sounds like a journey you'd like to take with us, give us a shout and we'll set up a free brand consultation.