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my favorite online photo resources

Hey! Millie here.

Let's be real for a minute. 

I. do. not. have. time. to. take. instagram. photos...ever. I always forget, always. And then I'm left monday morning (when I do my post scheduling) wondering what in the hell I've been doing all week because there aren't any new photos in my camera roll. I don't know if it's just me as a person or what, but the struggle is real, ya'll. Cue stock photography. 

But not the stock photography you're thinking about. Not the cheesy smiles or weird staged office photos--like real life, beautiful, styled stock photography.

And don't get me wrong, it's all about variety. I'll take some photos, use some stock photos, and sprinkle in some more photos from previous brand shoots or workshops. You can't just rip photos off of google and hope for the best--we all need real content. 

But when you're in a pinch and just need a quick photo to post up, look to these resources first! | paid online resource

If you're in need of photography with real people in the photos, this is the place. These aren't those typical, cheesy shots of things that would never happen in real life, and it's definitely worth a search when you're in need of some really great shots with people in them. Real people, real-life things, my go-to. | free online resource

Okay, but let's really talk about a go-to. Pexels is hands-down-my-go-to forever and ever. I don't typically use this site when I'm looking for specific things, but its really nice for background images and nature shots. I especially like it when I'm staging free downloads or building a client website with placeholder images. 

This site is great because it's literally fo' free! All you do is hit download and that image is all yours (as long as you're not selling it).

adobe stock | paid online resource

I mean, we all know what Adobe is as designers. Yes, it's a little spendy, but it's worth it. The search capability and keywords is amazing (you can even search "alike" images). I would definitely suggest this for anyone looking to get a little more professional with their stock image search for them and clients. | free online resource

Unsplash is another one just like Pexels. Just in case you needed a little free variety, here's another one to check out!