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why blogging improves your business

connect with your customer

A blog is a great tool in connecting you with your customers on a more personal level. By providing insightful information you are giving your brand voice that people can connect with. Blogs provide the space for your brand’s value to be showcased. This will also make people more familiar with who you are as a brand and not just what you provide.

Bonus! Having great content is another way to get more people to your website. Not only can you use it across platform to guide people back to your site, people usually research before they buy anything, so providing this knowledge in your blog could be the key to swaying your customer in the right direction.

connect with social media

We alluded to this above, but it's a big one. So let's talk more. A blog post equals content for your social media which leads to more traffic on your site. People love a great story and by teasing it on your social media you can lead people to finish the story on your blog which then leads to them checking out what else you do. Overall it provides more traffic on your site and that’s always a good thing.

expert in your field

Chances are if you started a business and created a product or service, you know a lot about it. One way a blog can be used is to showcase your expertise. This creates trust in your business and is also informative to those customers on the fence. Once they're comfortable knowing you've got this, they're more likely to "buy-in".

We have the mentality at Maker & Made that we "give it all away for free" — which can sound scary for any small business owner. But wait, we'll explain— you're never going to be able to tell someone how to do something just like you do it. What that effort does, instead, is position you as an expert and give that audience the confidence in your skills. When you open up your expertise, unfiltered, it shows how much you know, and how much you're willing to help everyone.


A blog can differentiate you from other businesses by creating better relationships with your customers that keep them coming back. Small business can benefit from having a blog that shows how different you are from big corporate companies that don’t have that more intimate relationship with their customer.

Talking to your customers directly shows that you care and that you are willing to answer their questions. People like honesty and transparency and that is the kind of purpose a blog has for your business.