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Chef Chad White dreamt of opening up a ceviche restaurant in his local town of Spokane. He knew it would be housed within a taproom—the perfect opportunity to pair his delicious and well-thought out dishes with local brews. Zona Blanca (translated to "White Zone" in homage to his last name) needed a hip and inviting brand and identity to be successful. With the taproom location in mind, I created a "fish-hop" for Chad out of an illustration I created; sticking to black and white with a touch of bright yellow, lime, cyan, and magenta to match the Spanish flavor profile of his dishes. I further had the opportunity to paint Chad's walls and delivered a fluid brand that speaks well to his fans. Zona Blanca is one of my favorites to visit in town, same with Urban Outfitters!

Scope: Brand, Identity, Apparel, Packaging

** Made while I was a Partner at Propaganda Creative

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