FALL 2020

we're on the hunt for an intern to join our team in the fall of 2020. our ideal intern will have the best sense of humor, a better sense of design, and be able to jump right in to work on projects with our team—fearlessly. we're willing to teach someone excited to learn, and we can't wait to meet you. 

here are some things we're looking for: 

-understanding of basic design principles

-understanding of basic UX/UI principles

-proficiency in illustrator, indesign, and photoshop programs 

-willingness to jump in, head-first, to any project we'd like you to work on

-not afraid to ask questions or be a part of the team

-ability to laugh at our dumb jokes

here are some things you'll be working on: 

-content creation for the maker + made brand (all things from social media posts to freebies to blog posts and everything in between)

-brand & identity, print, web, and social media production design

here's what we're offering: 

-access to our brains and all of the knowledge that they contain

-cool things to work on

-some you'll-learn-from-this-so-do-it-things

-our undying love and attention for new designers with the willingness and passion to learn

-yes, it's unofficially officially "unpaid"

how to apply, you ask? email with your resume and portfolio and let us know why you want to work for us! 

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